Autumn Has Arrived: Time to Get Back Into Wool Projects

I don't know about you but, during the summer I push aside my fiber projects to spend more time outside.  I enjoy working in my yard and garden and just being outside in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, this means less time to play with wool, spin and weave.

Now that it is Autumn,  my gardens are finished producing, the grass is growing slower.  This means I have more time to spend on Fiber Arts.  It is still nice enough to enjoy the weather outside so I can take my spinning wheel out on the patio.

It is also a great time to do some dyeing.  If you enjoy using natural dyes, this is the time to collect them.  Things like marigolds and black walnuts are in abundance.  

Autumn is also another shearing time for many sheep.  I have spoken to several breeders who comment that the Fall shearing is usually the best wool.  It is cleaner and the sheep have been eating a variety of plants during the summer which cause their wool to grow better.

Pull out some wool and begin your wool projects again.  Starting is usually the hardest part.  As soon as I start one project I start thinking of the next thing I want to create.  Once the ball has started rolling I just keep going.  I hope you join me in getting busy with your wool.


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