Shetland Sheep and Alpaca

SE2SE Shetland

A Trip to See Shetland Sheep and Alpaca

Just about 45 minute ride from my home is another interesting farm to see.

Today, I drove to NJ to visit with Stacy who has a flock of 7 Shetland Sheep and 4 Alpaca.

The first thing we did was walk in the pasture to see the animals.  They were shorn Monday so they all had their summer haircuts on.  Many of the Shetlands were very friendly and came right up to me and let me pet them.

Shetland sheep are a smaller breed and with their wooly coats removed looked much smaller than the other sheep I have seen.  The Alpaca, 2 Huacays and 2 Suri, must think they are sheep; as they mingled together in the field.

I got 6 different colored Shetland fleeces and one of each of the Alpaca blankets.  They are all so beautiful, soft and clean.  

It is so much fun to go to the farms and speak with the farmers.  I learn more about the animals and the people who care for them each time.  It is definitely a labor of love.



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