Spinning Woolen Yarn

Camaj School of Fiber Arts Spinning Woolen

Woolen or Worsted?  How do you create them when you spin?

That is the subject of this month and next month at the Camaj-School-of-Fiber-Arts online course:   SPINNING AND FIBER EXTRAVAGANZA YEAR-LONG WORKSHOP

I have been spinning for many years and taught myself through videos and books but nothing has improved my spinning as much as this online course offered by Mary Egbert.

Mary has a great way of explaining and showing how to spin.  She makes it easy to learn and, if you have any questions, she is always an email away.  Mary has unlocked the secret to spinning smooth and consistent yarn for me and many others in this online workshop.

This month she is teaching all about spinning Woolen.  Starting with wool preparation and finishing with a soft, fluffy, Woolen yarn.  It is not too late for you to join the Extravaganza.

Since this is an online course you can proceed at your own pace.  Check out the links above to learn how to spin or improve your spinning.  Not only will you learn to spin but, also how to choose the best wool, how to scour, dye and drum card.

It is a year packed with Fun and a lot of information.

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