Visiting another sheep farm.

Dorset Horn Jacob Leicester Longwool

Dorset Horn & Leicester Longwool

I'm visiting another sheep farm today!

In my search for Shave 'em to Save 'em rare breed sheep fleece I have found several small farms within driving distance of my home. Today I am traveling to New Jersey to meet Jo-Ann who has Jacob, Dorset Horn and Leicester Longwool sheep.

Jo-Ann has a beautiful, clean and well maintained farm which translates into the fabulous fleeces.  As we walked through the field to the barn, I could see the sheep herd in the distant pasture.  They all had their full fleeces on; as shearing is scheduled for next Monday.

Since I had just purchased some Jacob fleeces I was mainly interested in the Dorset Horn and Leicester Longwool.  There were many bags to choose from and each was better than the next.  

Dorset Horn has a wonderful creamy or buttery white fleece.  It is not a harsh white but, instead has a warm white color which is lovely to use in its natural color.  If you want to dye it, the colors will come out clear.  Another thing about Dorset Horn is that it does not felt easily.  The items you knit or weave can be washed in a machine without shrinking and felting.  It is always a good idea to test a swatch to be sure.

This is the perfect fleece for someone new to scour.  You can learn how to wash wool without worrying about felting the fleece.  It is also a great wool for new spinners. 

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