Camaj School of Fiber Arts

I am a student of Camaj School of Fiber Arts and love it so much that I have become an affiliate to help more people find this fantastic on-line course.

Mary Egbert is your teacher.  She is the author of the most popular book on scouring which you can find on Amazon by using the link below.

Camaj Fiber Art's Scouring and Fiber Prep Guide The Art of Washing Wool, Mohair & Alpaca Scour Wool Like a Boss: Where Art and Science Meet for Excellent Outcomes

Mary offers courses on Spinning, Using Drum Carders, Blending Colors on the Drum Carder, Scouring Wool and has a year long spinning and fiber course called Spinning and Fiber Extravaganza.

Take a look at the individual courses offered by Camaj School of Fiber Arts.  If you use any of the links supplied here on my web site to sign up for a course I may receive a small commission for the referral.  This costs you nothing more and I do appreciate your support.

I have graduated from the credited course as a Master Scourer and am currently in the Spinning Extravaganza year long course.  I have had fun and learned so much from both of these courses.