Lincoln Longwool * SE2SE * Raw Wool * Rare Sheep Breed * Pheeb * White & Gray

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Lincoln Longwool * SE2SE * Raw Wool * Rare Sheep Breed * Pheeb * White with some Gray

⚖️ Staple:  Average 5" un-stretched       VM:  Some, will comb out easily     Note: Nice Curl, White, Lustrous Shine

🐑 "Pheeb" is a white yearling with beautiful curly, white, shiny locks. Takes dye very well.  Imagine the wonderful colors you can make!

🧶 These locks will spin into a fantastic textural yarn or comb them to spin a strong durable yarn.  You can also use this wool for wet felting, needle felting, rug making, and other arts and crafts.

🧴 I washed a sample in Unicorn Power Scour and the low lanolin content was quickly removed and uncovered the fantastic white, shiny locks.

⭐️ Shave 'em to Save 'em Livestock Conservancy:

✅  I am an authorized provider for the Shave 'em to Save 'em initiative (SE2SE) and will provide the stickers for your passport.  No need to request stickers, I will automatically send them with your order.

🟣 Lincoln is a heritage breed on the Threatened list.  Learn more about the Shave 'em to Save 'em challenge HERE.

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