Weaving Books Group 3
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Weaving Books Group 3

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Weaving Books Group 3

  1. Weaving with Echo and Iris by Marian Stubenitsky  Like New (chip in cover lower left) $75
  2. Learning to Weave Revised by Deborah Chandler    $16
  3. The Joy of Handweaving by Osma Gallinger Tod   $20
  4. HANDWOVEN Sept/Oct 2021  Not listing Value
  5. Pattern Techniques for Handweavers by Doramay Keasbey.   $35
  6. Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves: Tabby to Taquete by Nancy Arthur Hoskins. $15
  7. Color & Fiber by Patricia Lambert.  $12
  8. Weaving Designs: Miniature Overshot Patterns by Gray Hayes. $25


The total Value of 8 assorted books is about $188

Sale price for all 8 books/magazines including shipping within the contiguous USA using Priority Flat Rate USPS $80

I realize that you may not be interested in some of the books in this collection but, I am selling the books as a collection to make shipping easy for me.  Since I am moving I don't have the time to sell the books individually, so I decided to sell them as a set.  

This gives you a better price and makes things quick and easy for me.

You can always sell the books you are not interested in.  

This is an excellent deal for an average of $10 per book and free shipping!

I looked up the current value of the books on Amazon in the used category.  I have not given value to the magazines.

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