Oxford * Raw Wool * SE2SE * Rare Breed *
Oxford * Raw Wool * SE2SE * Rare Breed *
Oxford * Raw Wool * SE2SE * Rare Breed *

Oxford * Raw Wool * SE2SE * Rare Breed *

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Oxford * Raw Wool * SE2SE * Rare Sheep Breed *

Staple Length:  1.75"-2"     VM: Small in some areas.   Notes:  Crimp Open, Wavy.  Very Soft, & Scours to a bright white.

🐑 Oxford Wool is one of the breeds that I have had a very difficult time finding.  I found a breeder in New York about a 5 hour drive from my house. So, I jumped into my car and took a road trip.

Oxford sheep are raised for meat; therefore, their wool is usually discarded.  I had to convince this breeder that the wool is desired by the SE2SE community.  When I offered her a fair price for the wool she said, "this is too much".  I believe the Conservation program can only succeed if the breeders receive adequate compensation.

🧶 About the fleece:  For the health of her flock, this breeder sheers twice a year.  Because of this, the staple length is short for spinners.  It ranges from 1"-2.5".  I am pulling out 1.75"-2" locks to offer for SE2SE bags.  The fleece is soft and springy with great loft.

It is a down variety so resists felting.  It is best used for items like socks, mittens, hats & casual sweaters.  Soft & durable is the description, and takes dye well.

🧴 I washed these locks using Unicorn Power Scour which revealed a bright white color.
📘 With a short staple length, I suggest hand carding or drum carding for a woolen prep and spin.  The small particles of VM in some areas of the fleece are easily removed by flicking the locks open prior to scouring, shake the locks during all phases of preparation and spinning should give you a nice clean yarn.

⭐️ Shave 'em to Save 'em Livestock Conservancy:

✅ I am an authorized provider for the Shave 'em to Save 'em initiative (SE2SE) and will provide the stickers for your passport. Request Stickers HERE.
Oxford sheep are a heritage breed on the Watch list.  
Learn more about the Shave 'em to Save 'em challenge HERE. 

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